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Welcome to Merge Design Company, exclusive manufacturer of the award-winning, LEED contributing, extremeconcrete® line of eco-sensitive concrete materials and products.
From the original, extremeconcrete® | monochrome, to our newer materials, eco-X, micro and Xposed, Merge Design drives the evolution of cast concrete products by collaborating with visionary designers, architects, and clients to create high impact concrete essentials.


These visionary designers, architects and clients chose extremeconcrete®

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Possibilites with extremeconcrete®

The challenge was to create concrete wall and door panels for our trade show display that were not only lightweight and sturdy enough to take the abuse of shipping to multiple trade shows each year but also showing a range of colors and sizes to demonstrate the versatility of extremeconcrete®. Our solution was to make custom 3/16” thick wall tiles and cabinet door panels in different shades of grey that were laminated to a MDF substrate which was then simply bolted to the display from behind. This allowed us to package the panels separately to avoid potential damage in shipping and also afforded us the flexibility to easily swap out different panels for future shows.


Latest Custom Creation

We created this extremeconcrete® | voidz sample for use as custom wall panels for a commercial project.

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